How much should I pay ?

There are a different numnber of options available:

Paying for all my current plugins/applets does not necessary mean that you will get any completely new applets/plugins I create for free, I'll make a judgement in each case but my current feeling is that smaller plugins/applets will likely be available for free for the users who have payed for a life time license of all my current plugins/applets.

It's important to understand that the number of users using my plugins/applets earlier when they were free was limited, we are not talking about many thousands users, so the pricing will never be anywhere close the $1 prices you see on the iOS/Android app markets. If you want to put it in relation to other computer software compare with prices for software to your desktop computer.

If you soon after purchasing one of the options realize that you would like another option, just contact me and we will arrange something. Except for this, users first buying a single applet/plugin and later wants to upgrade to a license of all my current applets/plugins will have to pay the full price, there are currently no special upgrade pricing, main reason is that it takes too much effort for me to manage these kind of upgrade scenarios and I'd like to focus that time on further development of the plugins/applets instead.

The package with all my current plugins/applets current contains:

Also please note that if you purchase SQL Playlist plugin you will always get Dynamic Playlist for free as SQL Playlist can't be used without it.

Why should I pay ?

The main reason is that it takes time to support users, maintain plugins/applets so they work with new Squeezebox Server versions and I also have electricity bills and hardware costs for the web server where the plugins/applets are hosted. On top of this, getting some economical compensation also makes it easier for me to justify taking some time of from my day work now and then and use my spare time to improve the plugins/applets.

However, most importantly, it also makes it worthwhile for me to continue spend time developing new features and new plugins/applets related to Squeezebox players.

The alternative to require payments like this would be to stop supporting and maintaining many of my plugins/applets and I thought it would be better to try to offer a solution which allows continuous support/maintenance.

What do I get ?

By paying you get full access to all functionality in the plugin/applet you are purchasing during the validity period of the license. I'll also prioritize support and maintainence for functionality which require payment.

Since some users are using several of my plugins/applets there is also an package option where you can pay once to get full access to all my current plugins/applets.

What happens when the license expires ?

When the license period expires you have to either provide a new payment or continue using the plugin/applet with only the free functionality. Some applets/plugins have more free functionality than others.

If you don't like a time restricted license period, see the "How much should I pay" section above regarding life time licenses.

Why a time limited license ?

The main reason I decided to offer a time limited license option is that some users might not be sure if they like to continue using the plugins a year later and others might not be sure if they are even going to use the Squeezebox one year in the future, by offering a time limtied license option it's possible for these users to be able to fully use the plugin/applet during a shorter time.

The alternative to offer a time limited license option would be to only offer the more expensive unlimited choices. By offering both, each user can decide which option they like.

If you really want an unrestricted license without any expiration date, see the "How much should I pay" section above.

What happens if you no longer decide to maintain a plugin/applet I've payed for ?

The day I decide to no longer maintain and support a specific plugin/applet I'll release the latest version with all license checks removed. I can't guarantee it will work with latest Squeezebox Server version as it's fairly common that new Squeezebox Server versions requires changes in the applets/plugins, but I can promise the reason it won't work isn't related to license checks.

I've donated before, why do I have to pay again ?

I like to show my appreciation to users who have donated before the mandatory payment scheme was introduced, if you are one of those users, just send me an e-mail with: You will get a free period which length will depend on the amount you have previous donated. While you wait for me to process the e-mail, you can click on the evaluation link.

Can you really charge for open source software ?

Yes, the GPL/BSD licensing doesn't restrict me to charge for the software.

However, the open source license allows you full access to the source code and you are free to change it as you like and even re-distribute your changes if you like that. If this is something you like to do with one of my plugins/applets, let me know and I can give you more details.

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